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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.) Are these baptistries in stock?

We stock portable baptistries and occassionally other models. It takes about 3 weeks to manufacture a baptistry and an additional few days for shipping. If you are in an urgent need, we can expedite the manufacturing of your order for a 25% surcharge. This will get your baptistry made in 5 business days and shipped on the first available truck. The surcharge allows us to pay our workers overtime to focus on your baptistry.

2.) What are baptistries made of?

They are made of polyester strands of shot or blown fiberglass, sprayed onto the baptistry pattern, then rolled to make them watertight. Some structural lumber is used in the base for support but is covered with fiberglass at the finished product.

3.) What is the warranty on your baptistries?

A 10 year warranty is offered against structural defects by the manufacturer, with 1 year on interior surfaces. Heaters and accessories have their own various warranties. Unless the aqua seal is ordered, baptistries must be drained after each use or the warranty will be voided.

4.) What colors are available?

Our standard colors are blue and white.

5.) Do you offer a protective finish for churches that leave water in all the time?

Yes, although we recommend draining the baptistry after each use, we recognize that some denominations need to keep the unit filled at all times. For this we offer an Aqua Seal finish, which will allow water to be left in the tub for up to 3 months before changing. The process uses high performance vinyl resins. This seal finish application comes at an additional 25% to the original cost.

6.) Are drain holes pre-cut into the baptistry?

No, however there are recessed areas in each corner so you can cut the hole in whichever area works best for your installation.

7.) How do I know which is left entry or right entry?

Left and right are determined by the person sitting in the congregation and facing the baptistry. On some models without a window, it can be either left or right.

8.) Where does the heater go?

Our Basic Style Circulation Heater can go between the side wall bracing on the baptistry. The Deluxe Circulation Heater can be placed up to 25 feet away from the baptistry. The Immersion Heaters are placed inside the baptistry to rest on the baptistry floor and plugs into a 240V outlet nearby (GFCI required).

9.) What about installation drawings?

Below are suggested installation techniques, but note that the sizes of each model vary. We strongly recommend that you do not frame for the baptistry until it arrives.

baptistry installation technique 01 baptistry-illustration-technique-02 baptistry installation illustration 03


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