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Church Pools has been an industry leader in offering quality baptistries, baptistry water heaters and baptistry products to churches for over 20 years. With integrity and excellence in customer service in mind, our goal is to assist churches to find the baptistry combination that best meets their needs. Baptism is a foundational pillar of the Christian faith and we strive to make it as comfortable, safe, and memorable for your congragants as possible. Contact us today with your baptistry needs and we will be happy to help.

Deluxe Circulation Baptistry Water Heater

You may have some questions about our baptistries, our baptistry heaters and our baptistry accessories. See some of our most frequently asked questions...

Featured Baptistry Products

Immersion Style Baptistry Water Heater

Immersions Baptistry Water Heater

This portable immersion heater is our most economical. The heater is mounted over the side of the baptistery with a stainless steel bracket (provided). Simply plug the pigtail cord into a 240 volt outlet, and set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Use to heat then remove for your service.

Jordan Series Portable Baptistry with Cabinet Surround

Jordan Series Portable Baptistry

This contemporary re-visioning of our Model B design will add a modern and distinguished look to any sanctuary or worship area. The Jordan Baptistry comes standard with our heavy duty wheel kit, cabinet and steps with non-slip treading and a 120v #10 Immersion Water Heater.

Single Entry Baptistry Model 12B

Baptistry Model 12B

The Baptistry Model 12B is a single entry baptistry similar in style to the Model 11B but with a wider standing area inside the tub. An acrylic viewing window can be added to the baptistry as an upgraded feature.

Deluxe Circulation Baptistry Water Heater

Deluxe Circulation Baptistry Water Heater

The ChurchRite® Deluxe Circulation Heater features a stainless steel housing (rust free), 240V design (120V for line 1 and 120V for line 2), and has a 1/2 horsepower, 120V pump motor and a thermostat control. It is available in both a 5.5 KW model and an 11 KW model.

Double Entry Church Baptistry Model 11A

Baptistry Model 11A

The Baptistry Model 11A is constructed in a similar style to the Model 10A but features a greater width for better accommodation. Entry and exit steps are built into the tub design and an upgraded acrylic viewing window is also available.

Baptistry Drain with Trip Lever and Overflow Kit

Baptistry Drain with Trip Lever

Baptistry Drain with Trip Lever (like a bathtub) - holds and releases water when ready. Typically, the baptistry is not plumbed when it arrives, so the church can install the heater wherever it is best suited.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baptistries & Heaters

Are These Baptistries In Stock?

We stock portable baptistries and occassionally other models. It takes about 3 weeks to manufacture a baptistry and an additional few days for shipping. If you are in an urgent need, we can expedite the manufacturing of your order for a 25% surcharge. This will get your baptistry made in 5 business days and shipped on the first available truck. The surcharge allows us to pay our workers overtime to focus on your baptistry.

What Are Baptistries Made Of?

They are made of polyester strands of shot or blown fiberglass, sprayed onto the baptistry pattern, then rolled to make them watertight. Some structural lumber is used in the base for support but is covered with fiberglass at the finished product..

Do The Baptistries Have Warranties?

A 10 year warranty is offered against structural defects by the manufacturer, with 1 year on interior surfaces. Heaters and accessories have their own various warranties. Unless the aqua seal is ordered, baptistries must be drained after each use or the warranty will be voided.

What Baptistry Tub Colors Are Available?

We offer baptistry fiberglass tub colors in Blue, White and Bone colors. Blue and white are the most common choice but the decision should be based on what would look best with your church stage or baptism area.

Is A Protective Finish Available?

Yes, we do offer an AquaSeal Protective Coating for churches that wish to leave water in their baptistries for long periods of time. While we recommend draining your baptistry tub after every use, we recognize that this will not always be practical for some churches. AquaSeal ensures a strong seal for up to three months before changing.

Are Drain Holes Pre-Cut In The Tub?

No, however there are recessed areas in each corner so you can cut the hole in whichever area works best for your installation.

How Do I Know Which Side Is Left/Right?

Left and right are determined by the person sitting in the congregation and facing the baptistry. On some models without a window, it can be either left or right..

Where Does The Baptistry Heater Go?

Our Basic Style Circulation Heater can go between the side wall bracing on the baptistry. The Deluxe Circulation Heater can be placed up to 25 feet away from the baptistry. The Immersion Heaters are placed inside the baptistry to rest on the baptistry floor and plugs into a 240V outlet nearby (GFCI required).

Are There Installation Drawings?

Below are suggested installation techniques, but note that the sizes of each model vary. We strongly recommend that you do not frame for the baptistry until it arrives.

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